Grandparents Unite!

Hi we’re Deanne & Stevie, our mission is to learn how to become the best grandparents we can be for today’s generation. (I’m starting by letting Deanne correct all my grammatical errors!) We plan to work with all of you who listen and participate to join generations through family fun, stories of grandparents before us and plenty of laughter. We’d love to hear your stories and thoughts too.

So In future shows we plan to use your comments, as well as interviews from experts. So please email us, reach out on facebook or twitter to share your stories of grand-parenting or how you’ve been grand-parented. Our goal is to share what we’ve all learned from our parents, grandparents and directives from our kids, to be the grandparents, grandkids need to feel loved and successful in the 2020’s and beyond.

Join in the fun…

Please share your stories and ideas on grand-parenting, funny, fun and inspirational.

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